Quondam by John Devoy

Travels in a once World.  A 33,000km solo bicycle journey from North to South Cape

About Quondam

Once in a while a travel book comes along that pushes at the boundaries of the genre. Quondam: Travels in a Once World does exactly that, asking us to re-imagine the relevance and potential of travel—in this case an epic, true-grit expedition by bike through the heart of Africa without the umbilical cord of technology, when being on your own meant exactly that. A superb observer and story-teller, John Devoy recounts his adventure in an imaginative and captivating style that has won the admiration of Dervla Murphy and Ted Simon , two writers who have left their own indelible marks on the literature of travel.


‘As I read about Devoy’s ride through Congo. I felt like I could smell the charcoal fires and taste the dust of the savanna. Devoy’s storytelling and sense of humor make for a great read.’

– Robert Williams, Chief US writer for the Virunga National Park

‘I really enjoyed this book. It reads like a classic travel story. An impressive saga, one which could hardly be done today.’

– Dervla Murphy

‘I would rate this book and the author, John Devoy up there with Eric Newby, Paul Theroux and of course Dervla Murphy.  This is the author’s first book, but I do hope he continues to write about his journey. A natural writer.’

 – Kevin J. O’Sullivan

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